Welcome to Investor Quotient Canada

We are looking for passionate and ambitious individuals with a desire to make the world a better place. Those with the vision and dedication to improve both communities and industries with their business ideas.

All backgrounds and experience levels are welcome.

You could also say we are industry-agnostic! From idea stage to seasoned company we work in a variety of sectors. The world is full of potential and we plan to realize that potential by supporting our entrepreneurial clients’ imaginative ideas that challenge and disrupt the status quo.

We are interested in generating profits for the stakeholders that work with us, through both innovation and the pursuit of transforming industries, one company at a time.

Our Programs:

Each program provides a suite of professional services to aid teams and their families to make the move & establish business operations in Canada. Please contact us to learn how IQ Canada may be a fit for you.

Early Stage (Product Focus)

Your company exists as an idea. Companies who have developed an early product prototype are also welcome to start here.

The focus of this program is primarily set on identifying & evaluating product market fit. Post validation, our team works with you to develop a concrete plan of action in order to ensure every mission critical step is addressed in the necessary order.

Our program helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, streamline their operations and become independent.

Companies may expect development of or refinement of product strategy, business development, user experience/UI, and marketing operations to ensure a seamless transition to the next stage of growth.

Growth Stage (Revenue Focus)

Your company has a client base and has participated in funding rounds leading up to Series A.

This program guides companies through securing product market fit. Companies typically transition to a tailored education and training program with full access to our international network of partners, engineers, product managers, and mentor groups.

Companies may expect new forms of developed revenue channels and identification of revenue acceleration avenues.

Late Stage (Aggressive Growth & Global Scaling)

Your company has acquired modest market share internationally & raised funding beyond Series A.

Participating companies benefit from intensive 1:1 mentorship sessions with experts as well as group training sessions both to network and to address specific startups needs.

Selected startup receives full guidance on establishment of Canadian business operations with dedicated partnership and investor introductions to help facilitate flawless market expansion & revenue growth activities.

Apply now to be matched with the professional services that will best suit the needs of your business. We are excited to help grow your business.

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