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Cognito, Vietnam

Mr Manh, CEO, Cognito Vietnam

My name is Mr. Manh, and I am the CEO of Cognito. We have developed a CRM and Marketing Automation platform for real estate agents. We are currently based in Vietnam.

However, we knew that to really accomplish our goals, and to be able to reach a global market that we needed more expertise and a better place to grow our company. As a result of that we started to explore our options and decided that we wanted to grow our business in Canada.

After speaking to different group and looking at different options we were introduced to the team at Investor Quotient Canada, or as I like to say, “IQ Canada”.

Upasana, Rajiv and their team of tech analysts, lawyers, business advisors, and patent attorneys provided us with everything that we needed to launch successfully. From helping better understand the necessary technology required, to introducing us to their vast network of contacts, IQ Canada has more than met our expectations. We have received our Letter of Support and are well on our way to becoming the business I always dreamed of having in a country that I always dreamed of living in.

Cognito, Vietnam

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100 King St W Suite 5700, Toronto,
ON M5X 1C7,Canada

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