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International investors investing in small to mid-size Canadian companies

Amongst the G7 Nations, Canada boasts one of the strongest and most stable economies and has one of the most open immigration policies amongst the G7 nations. This makes things easier for international investors looking to invest in small to mid-size Canadian companies. Great companies are seeded, grow and continue to thrive in Canada, as the stable Canadian economy, which is backed by one of the world’s soundest banking system, a diversified resource base, high standards of living and education, and a business culture that promotes growth and innovation. To meet the need of global investors and stay competitive in a dynamic global market, Canada provides the most favourable business costs and lowest corporate taxes in the G7, while also providing tax credits and incentives for organizations looking to establish a business here.

If you are an investor looking to invest and partner with a successful, growth oriented small to mid-size Canadian company, IQ Canada has the resources and expertise to get you there.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Work with you to identify your investment requirements based on your investment strategy, skills, industry and immigration needs.
  • Identify Canadian companies with strong business models and lucrative growth potential and match them to your investment requirements.
  • Assist you with the execution of the deal in every step of the way:
    • Acting as advisors to the deal along with our Corporate and Immigration lawyers.
    • Advising/Assisting with the negotiation process.
    • Facilitating through our corporate lawyers the preparation of all corporate documents and contracts.
    • Facilitating through our immigration lawyers the filing of all required applications for immigration status for you and your family.
  • Provide professional services through our Strategic Partners for:
    • Tax Advice
    • Real Estate
    • Personal Financial Advice
  • Provide key logistical services to help you and your family settle in Canada including but not limited to:
    • Finding dedicated or shared office space as required.
    • Establishing basic banking relationships.
    • Guidance in obtaining federal & provincial government services (Social Insurance and Health Card).
    • Finding temporary accommodation (hotels, short-term service apartments).
    • Recommending suitable neighborhoods for permanent living (based on preference for community, schooling etc.).

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