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International companies & entrepreneurs to set up operations in Canada

Canada remains one of the most welcoming and profitable places in the world for international business and foreign direct investment. A very stable Canadian economy backed by a strong and stable banking system, highly-skilled work force, progressive immigration policies, and open competition in domestic market, offers numerous growth opportunities for international companies and entrepreneurs starting business in Canada.

With global trade expected to increase and a strong Canadian business and consumer confidence, boosted by facilitative trade regulations, supportive free trade agreements with key international markets, and very generous R&D incentives and tax credits, IQ Canada believes that the international companies and entrepreneurs have a huge competitive advantage to start business in Canada. IQ Canada specialize in assisting businesses looking to capitalize on these opportunities.

IQ Canada and its strategic partners offer a complete array of professional, legal and logistical services to help you navigate the Canadian business and legal landscape, and assist with the modalities of new market entry for businesses across various industry sectors. IQ Canada ensures that your move to establish business in Canada becomes an informed, planned, expeditious, successful and an exciting endeavour.

Our services include:

  • Developing comprehensive business plans that meet both Canadian immigration and lender requirements.
  • Facilitating networking opportunities for our clients to develop potential business opportunities.
  • Working with our corporate lawyers and tax advisors to help our clients set up business operations in line with Canadian business law requirements.
  • Working with our immigration lawyers to offer our clients a complete array of immigration services for you and your workers (work permits and permanent residency applications).
  • Providing a wide array of logistical services such as assisting with bank relationships, real estate transactions, shared or dedicated office space and temporary accommodation as required.

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